Ortho Day

Join Orthopaedic Experts from University Hospitals at upcoming Ortho Day Events

Typically, people make appointments with an orthopaedic specialist when they have difficulty with their bones and joints or experience pain, like that associated with arthritis. Too often, people assume joint pain is just a normal part of aging that they have to learn to live with. It can take time for people to decide to pursue improving their mobility and seek pain relief through total joint replacement surgery. The rate of joint deterioration depends on factors like trauma (tears/breaks), wear and tear, genetics and weight.

The result of joint replacement surgery for the majority of patients is a freedom of mobility they have not experienced in years. Standing, walking, even exercise, are no longer distant memories, but part of their everyday enjoyable activities again.

In 2016 there will be several Ortho Days across northeast Ohio, featuring orthopaedic experts from across the UH system. Stay tuned for more registration details coming at the end of March.

We cordially invite you to begin your orthopaedic journey with us.

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