Health Matters Video Library

As part of University Hospitals Health Matters education initiative, feel free to watch these informative physician videos and download the corresponding guides.

Healthy Bones and Joints

Randall Marcus, MD, provides information on bone health and University Hospitals Department of Orthopedics.
Download: Maintaining Healthy Bones and Joints

What’s New with the Flu

Roy Buchinsky, MD, reminds us of the importance of the annual vaccine and overall wellness.
Download: Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu

Women’s Health

Donna Plecha, MD, talks about University Hospitals Breast Center and Debra DeJoseph, MD, tells us about University Hospitals Women’s Health Institute.
Download: Making Women’s Health a Priority

Environmentally Friendly Eating

Aparna Bole, MD, gives examples on sustainability and the Greening UH initiative.
Download: Benefits of Farm-to-Table and Sustainable Foods

Sports Medicine

James Voos, MD, shares information about University Hospitals Sports Medicine.
Download: Common Muscle and Sports Injuries

Diabetes Management

Stephen Burgun, MD, highlights the risk factors of diabetes and resources available through University Hospitals Department of Endocrinology.
Download: Living Well with Diabetes

Men’s Health

Christopher Gonzalez, MD, discuses prostate health as well as University Hospitals Urology Institute services.
Download: Men’s Health Checklist

Stroke Prevention

Cathy Sila, MD, emphasizes the importance of preventing stroke and University Hospitals Neurological Institute services.
Download: How to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

Lung Health

Rodney Folz, MD, tells you about the importance of healthy lungs and University Hospitals pulmonology services.
Download: Healthy Lungs, Healthy Life

Cardiovascular Health

Daniel Simon, MD, talks about heart health and services at University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute.
Download: Achieving a Heart-Smart Lifestyle

Nutrition and Mindful Eating

Francoise Adan, MD, discuss the practice of mindfulness and other services offered by University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network.
Download: Tips to Eating Mindfully

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