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  • Ventricular Septal Defect Transcatheter Repair for Children

    Ventricular septal defect (VSD) transcatheter repair is a type of heart procedure. It fixes a hole between the left and right ventricles of the heart, without making an incision in the chest wall.

  • Vertebroplasty

    Vertebroplasty is a procedure used to treat fractures or breaks in the vertebrae. In this procedure, a thick cement mixture is injected into a fractured vertebra to stabilize the spine.

  • Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery

    Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) is a type of surgery for diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions involving the chest area (thorax). It uses a special video camera called a thoracoscope. It is a type of minimally invasive surgery. That means it uses smaller cuts (incisions) than traditional open surgery. One common reason to do VATS is to remove part of a lung because of cancer.

  • Viral Culture

    This test checks to see whether an infection is caused by a bacterium or a virus. It can also tell which specific virus is causing your infection.

  • Virtual Colonoscopy for Colorectal Cancer Screening

    Virtual colonoscopy (also known as CT colonography) is a procedure that is done to look for small polyps or other growths inside your colon. Polyps that grow on the inside lining of the colon sometimes turn into colon cancers.

  • Viscosupplementation Treatment for Arthritis

    During viscosupplementation treatment for arthritis, your healthcare provider injects hyaluronic acid into your joint. This thick fluid may help reduce pain and swelling in your arthritic joint (most commonly, your knee).

  • Vitamin B-12 and Folate

    This test measures the levels of vitamin B-12 and folate in your blood. You may have low B-12 levels if you have pernicious anemia.

  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is especially important for bone health. If you have low levels of this vitamin, you may be at risk for osteoporosis or other bone problems.

  • Vitrectomy

    A vitrectomy is a type of eye surgery to treat various problems with the retina and vitreous. During the surgery, your surgeon removes the vitreous and replaces it with another solution.

  • VLDL Cholesterol

    This test measures the amount of very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) in your blood.

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