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  • Femoral Popliteal Bypass Surgery

    Femoral popliteal bypass surgery is used to treat blocked femoral artery. The femoral artery is the largest artery in the thigh. It supplies oxygen-rich blood to the leg. Blockage is due to plaque buildup or atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis in the leg arteries causes peripheral vascular disease. The same process causes heart disease and stroke.

  • Femur Fracture Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

    Open reduction and internal fixation is a surgery used to treat a broken thigh bone. Orthopedic surgeons reposition the fractured bone pieces during surgery, so that they are back in their proper alignment, and physically reconnect the bones.

  • Ferritin (Blood)

    This test measures how much iron is in your blood. Too much or too little iron can cause health problems.

  • Fetal Fibronectin

    This test measures the amount of a protein made during pregnancy. It can help your healthcare provider know if you are at risk for premature delivery.

  • Fetal Heart Monitoring

    Fetal heart rate monitoring measures the heart rate and rhythm of your baby (fetus). This lets your healthcare provider see how your baby is doing.

  • Fetal Ultrasound

    Fetal ultrasound is a test used during pregnancy to create an image of the baby in the mother's womb (uterus).

  • Fiberoptic Evaluation of Swallowing

    A fiberoptic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) test is a procedure used to assess how well you swallow. During the procedure, a speech-language pathologist (SLP) passes a thin, flexible instrument through your nose. Then the SLP views parts of your throat as you swallow.

  • Fluoroscopy Procedure

    Fluoroscopy is a study of moving body structures. It’s much like an X-ray "movie" and is often done while a contrast dye moves through the part of the body being examined. Fluoroscopy, as an imaging tool, allows healthcare providers to look at many body systems. These include the skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems.

  • Fluphenazine Drug Level (Blood)

    This test measures the amount of fluphenazine in your blood. This medicine is used to treat schizophrenia and Tourette's syndrome.

  • Folate

    This test measures the amount of folate in either your serum or your red blood cells.

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