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  • CA 125

    This test looks for the protein CA 125 in your blood. CA 125 is higher in many women with ovarian cancer.

  • CA 15-3

    CA 15-3 is a blood test used to monitor certain types of cancer.

  • CA 19-9

    This test looks for the antigen called CA 19-9 in your blood. It may help diagnose pancreatic cancer and other types of cancer.

  • CA 27-29

    This blood test is used to monitor breast cancer and to find out whether it might return. It is not a screening test.

  • Calcitonin

    This blood test measures the level of calcitonin in your blood. Calcitonin is a hormone secreted by your thyroid.

  • Calcium (Blood)

    This test measures the amount of calcium in your blood. It can be used to diagnose a variety of disorders, from kidney disease to parathyroid problems.

  • Calcium (Urine)

    This test measures the level of calcium in your urine. If too much calcium builds up in your urine, you may be at risk for kidney stones.

  • Campylobacter Culture (Stool)

    This test looks for harmful bacteria called Campylobacter in a culture sample from your stool.

  • Cannabinoid Screen and Confirmation (Urine)

    This is a two-part test to look for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in your urine. It's considered quite accurate.

  • Carbon Dioxide (Blood)

    This test measures the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood. Normally, carbon dioxide in your bloodstream causes no problems, but if you have far too much or too little of it, you may have a disease or a medical emergency.

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