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  • Belt Lipectomy

    A belt lipectomy is a type of surgery. It’s done to remove the loose skin and fat around your waist or “belt line.” This is also called an abdominal lipectomy, tummy tuck, and panniculectomy. You may have this surgery after you lose a great deal of weight. This is often done after weight-loss surgery.

  • Blood Transfusions for Children

    A blood transfusion is when blood is put into the body. During a blood transfusion, your child receives donated blood through one of his or her blood vessels.

  • Blood Transfusions in Adults

    A blood transfusion is when blood is put into the body. During a blood transfusion, you receive donated blood through one of your blood vessels.

  • Body Contouring After Weight-Loss Surgery

    Body contouring is a type of surgery that improves how you look. It’s done after you lose a large amount of weight. This type of surgery gets rid of extra skin folds and other surrounding tissue. This gives your body smoother contours.

  • Brachioplasty

    A brachioplasty is a surgery that reshapes the back part of your upper arm, from your arm to your elbow. It’s also called an arm lift. It gets rid of extra skin and tissue. It makes your upper arm look smoother.

  • CHG Bathing to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

    Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) is a cleaning product that kills germs. Daily baths with CHG reduce the spread of infections in hospitals. CHG baths are especially helpful in intensive care units (ICUs).

  • Cochlear Implant Surgery

    If a person has severe hearing loss, a cochlear implant may help. A cochlear implant is different from a hearing aid. A hearing aid makes sounds louder and helps someone who has some hearing loss. But a cochlear implant can help a person with very little or no hearing (partial or complete deafness).

  • Corneal Ring Implants

    Corneal ring implantation is a surgical procedure for inserting a ring of plastic into the middle layer of your cornea to correct your vision.

  • Corneal Transplantation

    Corneal transplantation is a surgery that replaces your poorly functioning cornea with a new donated one.

  • Dacryocystorhinostomy

    A dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is a type of surgery done to create a new tear drain between your eyes and nose. You may need this surgery if your own tear duct has become blocked.

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