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  • CHG Bathing to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

    Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) is a cleaning product that kills germs. Daily baths with CHG reduce the spread of infections in hospitals. CHG baths are especially helpful in intensive care units (ICUs).

  • Cochlear Implant Surgery

    If a person has severe hearing loss, a cochlear implant may help. A cochlear implant is different from a hearing aid. A hearing aid makes sounds louder and helps someone who has some hearing loss. But a cochlear implant can help a person with very little or no hearing (partial or complete deafness).

  • Corneal Ring Implants

    Corneal ring implantation is a surgical procedure for inserting a ring of plastic into the middle layer of your cornea to correct your vision.

  • Corneal Transplantation

    Corneal transplantation is a surgery that replaces your poorly functioning cornea with a new donated one.

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