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  • Pancreatic Polypeptide

    This test measures a substance in your blood called pancreatic polypeptide. Higher levels may mean you have a type of pancreatic tumor.

  • Pap

    This screening test looks for abnormal cells in the cervix. If abnormal cells are found, your healthcare provider can treat them right away, before they become cancerous.

  • Parathyroid Hormone

    This test measures a substance called parathyroid hormone in your blood. This hormone is needed to help regulate the level of calcium in your blood.

  • Parvovirus

    This test checks for a current or past infection with the virus that causes fifth disease in children.

  • Phenobarbital

    This test measures the amount of the drug phenobarbital in your blood. Phenobarbital is used to treat epilepsy.

  • Phenylketonuria (PKU)

    This test checks newborns for PKU, a condition that can cause brain damage and severe intellectual disability if untreated.

  • Phenytoin

    This test monitors the level of the seizure medicine phenytoin (Dilantin) in your blood.

  • Phosphorus

    This blood test checks the level of phosphorus in your body.

  • Plasmodium (Blood)

    This test looks for Plasmodium parasites in your blood. The parasites cause malaria, a serious disease that can be fatal if left untreated.

  • Platelet Antibody

    This test looks for platelet antibodies in your blood in order to find out the cause of a low platelet count.

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