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  • EBV Antibody

    This test checks for antibodies to the Epstein-Barr virus. It often doesn't have any symptoms, but in teens and young adults, it can be mononucleosis.

  • Electrolytes

    This test measures the main electrolytes in your body: sodium, chloride, potassium, and carbon dioxide.

  • Endomysial Antibody

    This test looks for certain antibodies in your blood that may mean you have celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that affects your intestines.

  • Entamoeba Histolytica Antibody

    This test looks for antibodies to a parasite that causes the disease amebiasis. This disease is more common in tropical countries with poor sanitation.

  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

    This test measures how quickly your red blood cells settle to the bottom of a test tube. The faster they settle, the more likely you have inflammation.

  • Erythropoietin (Blood)

    This test measures how much of the hormone erythropoietin you have in your blood. You may need this test to help find out what kind of anemia you have.

  • Estradiol (Blood)

    This test measures the amount of estradiol (E2), the form of estrogen made primarily by the ovaries.

  • Ethanol (Blood)

    This test measures the amount of alcohol, or ethanol, in your blood. This test is used by law enforcement agencies and hospitals to find out the concentration of alcohol in a person’s blood.

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