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  • A1C

    A1C is a blood test used to screen people to find out whether they have diabetes or prediabetes.

  • Acetaminophen Drug Level

    The acetaminophen drug level is a blood test used to screen for the presence of the common pain reliever acetaminophen.

  • Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody (Blood)

    This test measures the concentration of an antibody in your blood that may mean you have the autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis.

  • Acid-Fast Bacteria Culture

    This test is done to find out if you have tuberculosis. Your doctor might order this test if you have a lung infection or symptoms of TB.

  • Acid-Fast Bacteria Smear

    This test looks for a type of bacteria called acid-fast bacillus in your sputum. Tuberculosis is the most common infection from this type of bacteria.

  • ACTH (Blood)

    This blood test measures the amount of adrenocorticotripic hormone (ACTH) the pituitary gland produces.

  • Activated Coagulation Time

    ACT is a blood test that measures how long it takes your blood to clot.

  • Activated Partial Thromboplastin Clotting Time

    This test clocks the amount of time it takes for your blood to form a clot. You may need this test if your healthcare provider suspects that you have a bleeding disorder.

  • Adult Lead (Blood)

    This test measures the levels of lead in your blood. You may be exposed to lead on your job or through lead-based paint used in your home.

  • Albumin (Blood)

    This test measures the amount of the protein albumin in your blood. The test can help diagnose liver and kidney problems.

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