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  • Late-Life Depression Quiz

    Older adults often suffer from depression needlessly because they fail to recognize its signs or are reluctant to talk with their doctor about it.

  • Lead Safety Quiz

    True or false: The most serious effects of lead exposure in children are vomiting and weight loss? Learn the answer by taking the Lead Safety Quiz.

  • Leukemia Quiz

    Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow and blood. It is characterized by the uncontrolled production of blood cells.

  • Lips Quiz

    Lips are for ... talking and smooching and eating. Yes, they're important, but do you know how to take good care of your lips? Take this quiz to find out.

  • Longevity Quiz

    What's the secret to a long, healthy life? The secret is that it depends on you.

  • Long-Term Care Planning Quiz

    People who need long-term care include those with a chronic illness or a physical handicap.

  • Low Blood Pressure Quiz

    True or false: Antidepressants may cause low blood pressure?

  • Lupus Quiz

    Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can range from mild to severe. It affects more than 1 million Americans, most of whom are women. Find out more about this autoimmune disease by taking the following quiz.

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