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Pediatric Diseases and Conditions: F

  • Factors Contributing to Congenital Heart Disease

    In most cases of congenital heart defect, the cause is thought to be a combination of genetics and environment.

  • Facts About Animal Bites

    Whether the bite is from a family pet or an animal in the wild, scratches and bites can become infected and cause scarring. Animals can also carry diseases that can be transmitted through a bite.

  • Facts About Poisons

    Medicines are the leading cause of poisoning in children. Poisoning by makeup and personal care products is the next most common cause.

  • Failure to Thrive (FTT) in Children

    Failure to thrive (FTT) is slow physical development in a baby or child. It’s caused by a baby or child not having enough nutrition.

  • Falls

    Detailed information on falls and preventing injuries and death in children

  • Fanconi Anemia in Children

    Fanconi anemia is a blood disorder. With this condition, the bone marrow doesn't make enough blood cells. Or it makes defective blood cells.

  • Feeding Your Child with Cystic Fibrosis

    Children with cystic fibrosis often have poor weight gain. This can happen even when they get enough calories. Read on for details on how to make sure your child gets enough nutrients--and what to do if your child isn't gaining weight.

  • Female Growth and Development

    Detailed information on female physical development

  • Female Physical Development

    Detailed information on female physical development

  • Femoral Anteversion in Children

    Femoral anteversion is an inward twisting of the thighbone (femur). This health problem causes a child’s knees and feet to turn inward. The child may have a pigeon-toed appearance.

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