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Adult Diseases and Conditions: K

  • Kaposi Sarcoma: Newly Diagnosed

    Being told you have Kaposi sarcoma can be scary, and you may have many questions. But you have people on your healthcare team to help.

  • Keratosis Pilaris

    Detailed information on keratosis pilaris, including treatment

  • Kidney (Renal) Cancer: Introduction
  • Kidney Disorders

    Detailed information on kidney disorders

  • Kidney Failure

    Kidney failure happens when damage results in loss of normal kidney function. It may also be called end stage renal disease (ESRD).

  • Kidney Stones

    A kidney stone is a hard, pebble-like deposit that forms in the kidney. It may be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a pearl. Some are as big as golf balls. A stone may be smooth, irregular in shape, or jagged. Most are yellow or brown in color. There are different types of kidney stones.

  • Kidney Transplantation

    Detailed information on kidney transplantation

  • Knee Pain and Problems

    Common knee problems include sprains, strains, torn cartilage, and arthritis.

  • Knee Replacement Surgery

    When a knee is severely damaged by disease or injury, an artificial knee replacement may be considered.

  • Knowing When to Seek Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

    Families, spouses, or friends are often the first to suspect that their loved one is challenged by feelings, behaviors, and/or environmental conditions that cause them to act disruptive, rebellious, or sad.

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