Direct Referral Sleep Studies

The Sleep Study is performed in our lab, scored by a technician and interpreted by a sleep specialist. The result is then sent to the referring physician to review the results with his/her patient and complete all follow-up care including ordering additional testing.

Comprehensive Sleep Consult

Patients referred for comprehensive sleep consults will have at least one consultation, in the sleep clinic with our sleep specialist. Each consult will include a medical and surgical history. Some patients may also have Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) and blood work ordered. After consultation with the sleep specialist, each patient is diagnosed. In some cases one visit is sufficient for a diagnosis to be made and a treatment plan formulated. In most cases the treatment plan will involve a diagnostic sleep study.

If required, the sleep study or polysomnography (PSG) may be performed during a period of one or two nights. Rarely daytime studies will be required and may be suggested by the sleep specialist. Hospitalization is not required, and most overnight tests are completed by 6 a.m.

During a sleep study, the patient is monitored by painless, noninvasive technology. PSG records breathing, heart rate, brain waves, oxygen levels and eye and leg movement. After evaluation the appropriate therapy is determined. Treatment for a sleep disorder may include a prescription for a device to aid the patient’s breathing while sleeping (called a CPAP or BiPAP), medication, or light therapy as well as neuropsychiatric interventions, including biofeedback. If indicated, referral to or consultations with other specialists might be recommended to aid in diagnosis and therapy.

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