Pulmonology and Respiratory Care

At University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center, Pulmonary Medicine and Respiratory Therapy/Care departments provide comprehensive diagnostic services, treatment, rehabilitation and patient education sessions to provide care in all facets of respiratory conditions.

Pulmonary rehabilitation programs are available for patients recovering from lung surgery, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease and other respiratory disorders. Pulmonary Medicine and Respiratory Care professionals also provide specialized care for critically ill patients in the UH-GMC Critical Care Unit.

Diagnostic testing capabilities include: pulmonary function testing (PFT); cardiopulmonary exercise testing; cardiopulmonary medication-oriented testing (adenosine/persantine); asthma challenge testing; bronchoscopy with biopsy; electrocardiogram (EKG); arterial blood gases (ABG); spirometry; oximetry; lung cancer; interstitial lung disease; and sleep disorders.

The Pulmonary Medicine Department also offers specialized pediatric care for children ages 5 and up who have asthma.

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