Pain Management

Safe, effective relief from chronic pain is here.

The Geneva Center for Comprehensive Pain Management is dedicated to helping patients manage their chronic or intractable pain.

Every one of us has experienced physical pain at one time or another in our lives. Usually, the course of healing naturally alleviates the pain when an injury has healed or an illness resolves. Sometimes however, pain does not subside. It may be due to nerve damage or it may be idiopathic—meaning that even after extensive testing, there is no known or detectable cause for the pain. This does not mean that the pain is “all in your head” or doesn’t exist; it means that the root cause cannot be medically pinpointed. At the Geneva Center for Comprehensive Pain Management, it also means that a patient does not have to suffer with pain needlessly.

Relentless, chronic pain does more than just hurt. When the pain is sustained, it can result in many life-changing consequences—loss of employment, loss of independence and mobility, psychological suffering, tangential physical symptoms such as high blood pressure and anxiety-triggered symptoms, and psycho-social consequences such as depression, fear, anger and family dischord.

Pain can come from all parts of the body, and some pain syndromes are multi-factorial (the result of many causes). The pain that comes to mind most readily is low back pain, neck pain and joint pain. Pain can also be associated with headaches, arthritis, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), nerve damage, neuropathies, muscle involvement (muscular dystrophy (MD), multiple sclerosis, dystonia, and others), pain from injuries and pain secondary to cancer.

At the Geneva Center for Comprehensive Pain Management, the treatment for pain is as individual as the patient receiving therapy. No one procedure or approach is right for everyone.

To reach the Geneva Center for Comprehensive Pain Management directly, please call 440-415-0138.


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