Quality Outcomes

We at University Hospitals believe that patients can make better decisions about their health care if they have accurate information. Towards this end, we have made a commitment to reporting publicly how University Hospitals ranks on a range of currently recognized quality measures.

Our quality is measured in patient satisfaction scores, continuous clinical performance monitoring, medical outcomes, ongoing research and academic programs; plus receipt of major designations and awards.

In this section, we provide accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive data on our performance in key areas and, when possible, comparisons to other medical centers nationally.

The data presented in this section provides you with comparable data that can assist you in making a more informed decision regarding your care. We suggest that this information be one of several factors considered when choosing a hospital.

Quality of Care Measures for Specific Diseases and Conditions

  • Heart attack outcomes
  • Heart failure outcomes
  • Vascular Surgery Outcomes
  • Knee Replacement Outcomes
  • Hip Replacement Outcomes
  • Pneumonia outcomes
  • Surgical care outcomes

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