Clinical Trials

University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center Offers New Therapies From Ongoing Clinical Trials

New surgical therapies offer many patients help and hope at UH Geauga Medical Center in Chardon, Ohio. These promising new treatments can improve the odds for patients who are battling cancer or other serious illness as our skilled surgeons use novel methods to outsmart the disease.

Innovative Treatments

Our surgeons and physicians are innovators in the treatment of health conditions using the results of clinical trials. Our esteemed team offers:

  • A team-oriented, patient-centered approach for the best possible results
  • Access to promising clinical trials and drugs
  • Aggressive new surgical technologies that are personalized for each patient
  • Highly experienced rehabilitation teams
  • Less invasive surgical techniques for less pain and shorter recovery times
  • Proven surgical techniques to preserve quality of life
  • Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) to improve both access and visualization of certain tumors

Educated and Informed

To ensure patient wellness and to provide support, our surgical team provides:

  • Helping families explore financial options
  • Scheduling our patients’ tests and treatments in the same area of the hospital and during the same appointment times whenever possible
  • Taking the time to explain all available treatment options and the potential risks involved

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