• Professor, Surgery, CWRU School of Medicine

  • Gender: Male

Education & Training


1992, Vanderbilt University

Medical / Professional School(s)

1997, Keck Medical Center of USC (Keck Hospital of USC)


1998, General Surgery - Massachusetts General Hospital


2004, General Surgery - Massachusetts General Hospital


2005, Laparoscopic Surgery - Carolinas Medical Center

Research Fellowship

2002, Minimally Invasive Surgery - Cleveland Clinic


Gastrointestinal Surgery, Gastrointestional Cancer, Hernia Surgery, Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer

Selected Publications

DADA2: High-resolution sample inference from Illumina amplicon data.
Callahan BJ, McMurdie PJ, Rosen MJ, Han AW, Johnson AJ, Holmes SP

Establishing Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in China: 2016 Report on Implementation and Government Recognition.
Qiao R, Marciniuk D, Augustyn N, Rosen MJ, Dai H, Chen R, Wu S, Wang C, China-CHEST PCCM Program Steering Committee

Cystic Lung Diseases: Algorithmic Approach.
Raoof S, Bondalapati P, Vydyula R, Ryu J, Gupta N, Raoof S, Galvin J, Rosen MJ, Lynch D, Travis W, Mehta S, Lazzaro R, Naidich D

The clinical significance of postoperative tachycardia following ventral hernia repair.
Haskins IN, Krpata DM, O'Rourke CP, Rosenblatt S, Rosen MJ

Design and implementation of the Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative (AHSQC): improving value in hernia care.
Poulose BK, Roll S, Murphy JW, Matthews BD, Todd Heniford B, Voeller G, Hope WW, Goldblatt MI, Adrales GL, Rosen MJ

An in vivo analysis of Miromesh--a novel porcine liver prosthetic created by perfusion decellularization.
Petro CC, Prabhu AS, Liu L, Majumder A, Anderson JM, Rosen MJ

Balancing Innovation and Value of Biological Meshes in Hernia: Who Is in Charge?
Poulose BK, Matthews BD, Rosen MJ

Reply: Permissive Intraabdominal Hypertension following Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction.
Petro CC, Raigani S, Fayezizadeh M, Rowbottom JR, Klick JC, Prabhu AS, Novitsky YW, Rosen MJ

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Children and Adolescents.
Rosen MJ, Dhawan A, Saeed SA

Designing a ventral hernia staging system.
Petro CC, O'Rourke CP, Posielski NM, Criss CN, Raigani S, Prabhu AS, Rosen MJ

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Industry Relationships

University Hospitals is committed to transparency in our interactions with industry partners, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device companies. At UH, we disclose practitioner and their family members’ ownership and intellectual property rights that are or in the process of being commercialized. In addition, we disclose payments to employed practitioners of $5,000 or more from companies with which the practitioners interact as part of their professional activities. These practitioner-industry relationships assist in developing new drugs, devices and therapies and in providing medical education aimed at improving quality of care and enhancing clinical outcomes. At the same time, UH understands that these relationships may create a conflict of interest. In providing this information, UH desires to assist patients in talking with their practitioners about industry relationships and how those relationships may impact their medical care.

UH practitioners seek advance approval for certain new industry relationships. In addition, practitioners report their industry relationships and activities, as well as those of their immediate family members, to the UH Office of Outside Interests annually. We review these reports and implement management plans, as appropriate, to address conflicts of interest that may arise in connection with medical research, clinical care and purchasing decisions.

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As of December 31, 2015, Michael Rosen, MD disclosed the following Outside Relationships with Industry:

Davol - Consulting

LifeCell - Consulting

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