Instructions Before Surgery

When You Are Scheduled For Surgery

  • You will be called one business day before your scheduled surgery date after 1pm for your arrival time to the hospital
  • This is not your procedure time, but the time needed to get you ready for your procedure
  • If we cannot reach you by phone, we cannot leave a message if your name is not on your phone recording (Call 440-284-5504 between 1pm and 5pm for surgery time if you have not received a call)
  • Call your doctor about any health changes, such as, a cold, flu, fever, sore throat

Three Free Parking Locations Are Available

  • Lot #1 Parking Garage on East River Street across from the hospital (Use 2nd floor walkway to enter surgical lobby)
  • Lot #2 Handicap parking across from the main entrance (Enter from East River Street across from main entrance)
  • Lot #3 Street level parking on East River Street (Wheelchairs & assistance are available at the main lobby desk)
    • When parking in lots 2 & 3, use A elevator off the main Lobby to 2nd floor
    • Check in at Hostess desk on the 2nd floor Lobby


  • Eat or drink anything, including water, gum, hard candy, after midnight the night before your surgery unless your physician has instructed otherwise
  • Swallow any water when brushing teeth or gargling morning of procedure
  • Smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours before surgery
  • Illegal drugs (Illegal drugs are harmful when used with anesthesia medicines)
  • Wear contact lenses, make-up, jewelry including body piercings
  • Wear hair pieces, pony tails, metal hair clips or braided hair
  • Bring valuables to the hospital
  • Remove all nail polish or acrylic nails (Remove only acrylic and nail polished nail from one finger on each hand)
  • Bring children under 14 without apparent or legal guardian that can stay with them


  • If you use an inhaler, bring it with you
  • Bring a list of all medications that you take including eye drops, inhalers, herbal supplements and vitamins
  • Take you Beta Blocker, anti-seizure, and pain medication if needed with a sip of water on the morning of surgery
    • Common List of Beta Blockers but not all-inclusive
Brand Name Generic Brand Name Generic Brand Name Generic
Betapace Sotalol Blocadren Timolol Brevibloc Esmolol
Bystolic Nebivolo Cartrol Carteolol Coreg Carvedilol
Corgard Nadolol Corzide Nadol/Bendroflumethazide Inderal Propranolol
Inderide Propanolol/HCTZ Kerlone Betaxolol Levatol Penbutolol
Lopressor Metoprolol Normodyne Labetolol Sectral Acebutolol
Sorine Sotalol Tenoretic Atenolol/chlorthalidone Tenormin Atenolol
Timolide Timolol/HCTZ Toprol Metoprolol Trandate Labetalol
Visken Pindolol Zebeta Bisoprolol Ziac Bisoprlol/HCTZ

Upon Arrival

  • Staff will educate and instruct you and those that came with you on the process and what to expect before, during and after your procedure
  • Your designee will be connected with the surgeon post procedure to update them on what was done, how the procedure went , and answer any questions they might have on your behalf
  • Length of stay is dependent on the type of procedure and anesthesia, but average visit is 6 to 8 hours
  • Patient must have a responsible adult accompany patient home via own transportation or taxi. (The taxi driver or any other type services that provide transportation cannot legally be considered as a responsible adult participating in your care unless it is an ambulance service.) Without responsible adult accompanying you home your case will be canceled.
  • It is strongly recommended that ALL patients have an adult at home with them for the first 24 hours after surgery

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