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What to Expect When Having Outpatient Surgery at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center

UH Elyria Medical Center Surgery

The outpatient surgical process at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center is organized into easy steps, including:

  1. Pre-surgery activities
  2. Family waiting area time
  3. Surgery
  4. Speaking with the doctor
  5. Post-surgery recovery
  6. Joining family members
  7. Departing UH Elyria Medical Center

Step 1: Pre-surgery activities: Upon arrival to the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), registration is completed. The patient may then be accompanied to his/her room. Expect to be in the ACC area up to three hours before being transferred to the surgical area. During this time, the nurses will complete any necessary pre-operative procedures.

Step 2: Family waiting area time: When the patient has been transferred to the pre-anesthesia holding room (located just outside the operating rooms), family members will be asked to wait in the ACC 2nd floor lobby. In accordance with our commitment to keeping family members informed with up-to-date information, a pager will be provided to a designated member of each patient’s support group. When the pager goes off, please report to the host/hostess desk for updated information about the patient’s progress. Please note: pagers do not have range outside UH Elyria Medical Center.

Step 3: Surgery: During the surgical period, family may expect to wait up to 2 hours unless informed otherwise. Wait times will vary based on the nature of the procedure. Ask the ACC host/hostess for specific information regarding wait times.

If at any time a family member has questions, please have the ACC host/hostess contact the nurse patient liaison who can provide an update on surgery progress.

Family members and friends are invited to visit our cafe, gift shop or cafeteria at this time. Be sure to notify the host/hostess when leaving the 2nd floor lobby so they may remain in contact if necessary.

Step 4: Speaking with the doctor: When the surgery is completed, the host/hostess will notify the present family members. At this time, family members will be invited to a private conference room to speak with the physician.

Step 5: Post-surgery recovery: After speaking with the physician, family members should return the conference room card to the ACC host/hostess. Family can expect that the patient may be in recovery for approximately 1 1/2 hours. The patient nurse liaison will be able to provide a specific time frame. If leaving the 2nd floor lobby, please notify the host/hostess where they may find the family members during this time.

Step 6: Joining family members: The host/hostess will inform the family members when the patient has returned from the recovery area to his/her room. Family members may then return their pager and go to the patient's room.

Step 7: Departing UH Elyria Medical Center: The nurse will inform the family when the patient is ready to return home. One family member will be asked to bring their vehicle to the Outpatient Discharge/Maternity Door. The patient will be escorted to meet their family there.

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