Patrick’s Story

Orthopedic Surgeons Operate on Newlywed’s Broken Ankle, Help Save Honeymoon

 Patrick Straffen

The evening of Saturday, June 28, 2014, is a night that Patrick Straffen will never forget. Earlier that day, the 28-year-old married the love of his life, Emily, and they enjoyed their wedding reception that night. But toward the end of the event, Patrick slipped on some water that had spilled on the floor and injured his ankle. It wasn’t until later he would find out it was broken.

Because he was initially able to get up and walk, Patrick figured his injury was just a sprain. But when severe pain set in later that night and continued into Sunday, he was concerned that the honeymoon he and his new wife were set to embark upon on Tuesday was going to have to be canceled. That’s where the Center for Orthopedics stepped in.

When orthopedic surgeon Daniel Zanotti, MD heard Patrick’s story, he wanted to help. Patrick was seen early Monday morning at University Hospitals Sheffield Health Center. Upon diagnosing a broken ankle that required surgery, Dr. Zanotti consulted with his Center for Orthopedics colleague William Stanfield, MD. Also sympathetic to the newlywed’s plight, Dr. Stanfield was able to fit Patrick into his surgical schedule that afternoon. These physicians were determined to do whatever they could so that Patrick and his wife could get on the plane the following morning.

The surgery took place at 1:30 p.m. at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center. After receiving a thorough postoperative exam by Dr. Stanfield, Patrick was discharged by 7 p.m.

“I got up and went to Napa on crutches,” said Patrick. “There was no need to postpone the trip,” he continued. “You might say they saved our honeymoon.”

Today, Patrick is back to 100 percent and is feeling great. In fact, he and Emily took a second trip to Napa over the holidays – this time without a cast and crutches.

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