What to Expect

A Guide to the Lung Cancer Screening Experience

Before scheduling a lung cancer screening, patients should talk with their doctor to ensure they meet all of the criteria for low dose CT scan lung cancer screenings. Physicians should then create a physician order for the screen. Patients with a physician order in hand, should call our scheduling department at 440-329-7565 to make an appointment.

Lung cancer screening procedures can be scheduled at:

  • University Hospitals Avon Health Center
  • University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center

Affordable Cost Makes Screening Available to the Entire Community

Insurance companies do not cover lung screening examinations. By making this lung cancer screening affordable, UH Elyria Medical Center can diagnose earlier and impact the health of our community. The total cost of the CT screening examination is $99. Payment can be coordinated at the time of scheduling, by e-check or with a major credit card. Due to a specially negotiated rate, if the exam is not pre-paid, it will be rescheduled.

What to Expect During the Lung Screening Procedure

Patients will be pre-registered for their procedure so check-in processing is efficient. Our staff will review the patient’s medical history and re-verify eligibility for this screening test. Please report to the following locations:

  • UH Elyria Medical Center – Report directly to Radiology
  • UH Avon Health Center – Report directly to the Imaging Suite

There is no special preparation for this test. You will not receive an injection for this test, nor will you drink anything for this test.

The actual exam is easy. During the test, patients will be instructed to will lie on their back. During the scan the patient will be asked to hold their breath at certain times while the table moves.

The entire visit will not exceed 30 minutes and there are no restrictions after the test. The patient’s primary care physician will have the results within 72 hours.

For More Information on the Lung Screening Program at UH Elyria Medical Center

The UH Elyria Medical Center Imaging Services staff will gladly answer any questions about the lung cancer screening program. To speak with one of our trained professionals, please call 440-329-LUNG (5864).

Request an Appointment

For answers to questions and for information on how to sign up for a low-dose CT lung screen, call
440-329-LUNG 440-329-5864

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