Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center

Pet Therapy

Patients at UH Elyria Medical Center are offered the opportunity to receive a visit from one of several dogs currently participating in our pet therapy program, called Pawsitive Purpose. Canines big and small make regular visits to the hospital, spreading their happiness to pet-loving patients. These sweet and gentle animals have completed significant training and testing for certification to gain entry into the program.

Certified for Excellence in Pet Therapy

All dogs enrolled in the pet therapy program at UH Elyria Medical Center have completed a series of individualized testing exercises to demonstrate confidence and control.

Also, each dog is accompanied by a certified handler, usually the dog’s owner, as well as an UH Elyria Medical Center volunteer liaison. The liaison enters the patient’s room prior to the handler and the dog, to ask the patient if they would like to have a visit.

Dog owners with dogs certified by Therapy Dogs International or Delta Society who would like to be involved in our pet therapy program can contact Lois Koehler at 440-329-7362.

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