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IRB Administration Office Staff Listing

Luis Amunategui, PhD, IRB Vice-Chair (Biomedical)
Joseph Barr, MD, IRB Vice-Chair (Cancer)
Barbara J. Daly, PhD, RN, IRB Vice Chair (Biomedical)
Rachel Egler, MD, IRB Chair (Cancer)
Lydia Furman, MD, IRB Co-Chair (Biomedical)
Joseph Gibbons, MD, IRB Co-Chair (Biomedical), IRB Vice-Chair (Cancer)
John Johnson, MD, IRB Vice-Chair (Biomedical)
Sri Madan Mohan, MD, IRB Vice Chair (Biomedical)
Duncan Stearns, MD, IRB Vice-Chair (Cancer)

UH IRB Administration Office
Phone: 216-844-1529

Kayla Schlick
Clinical Research Program Coordinator
Phone: 216-844-5936

Kirsten Boes
IRB Specialist I
Phone: 216-286-9478

Malia Fink
IRB Specialist I
Phone: 216-844-7826

Elizabeth Hagesfeld, MA
Manager, Institutional Review Board

Kristen Kalina
IRB Specialist II
Phone: 216-844-7812

Nicholas Novak
IRB Specialist I
Phone: 216-844-5211

Janet Peachey
IRB Specialist I
Phone: 216-844-1374

Kwaku Peprah
Phone: 216-844-2397

Ginger Pomiecko
IRB Specialist II
Phone: 216-844-8766

Michael Uline, BA, LPN, CIP
IRB Specialist II
Phone: 216-286-9192

Jenna Wall
IRB Specialist I
Phone: 216-286-2278

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