Ali D. Askari, MD

Ali D. Askari, MD

Division of Rheumatology at a Glance

Sjögren’s Syndrome Center

Advanced care for patients with Sjögren’s syndrome starts here. Ali D. Askari, MD, founded the Sjögren’s Syndrome Center to improve treatment and build awareness of the disease - as well as increase research into future treatments and better control the disease. The Center provides the highest standard of service and care for Sjögren’s patients through its multi-specialty team of physicians working together to help eliminate the inconvenience of multiple visits to numerous specialists.

Osteoporosis Center

Rheumatology experts at the Osteoporosis Center at University Hospitals Chagrin Highlands Health Center can diagnose and treat osteoporosis at nearly any stage. Certified Dexa Scan technologists perform bone density scans, exposing patients to just 10 percent of the radiation used during a standard chest X-Ray. Bone density scans are recommended for post-menopausal women, women who have had hysterectomies, people 50 years of age and older, people with eating disorders or patients on chronic Prednisone therapy.

Chagrin Highlands Infusion Center

Manned by a certified peripheral infusion therapist, the Infusion Center at University Hospitals Chagrin Highlands Health Center offers advanced care for infusions of biologic agents that decrease the swelling and inflammation of tissues. Because infusions can last up to two hours, the Center is equipped with a comfortable lounge chair, library of movies and snacks to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Comprehensive Clinical and Research Services

The division delivers state-of-the-art disease management through a multi-disciplinary approach in which the latest medical technologies and clinical breakthroughs are used. The division’s research efforts focus on expanding the uses of conventional techniques while its basic research evaluates the safety and effectiveness of new treatments.

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