Feeding & Swallowing

Latest Therapeutic Advancements in Feeding and Swallowing Therapy at University Hospitals

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Rehab Services in Cleveland, Ohio, offers the latest therapeutic advancements in feeding and swallowing therapy. Our skilled speech-language pathologists treat adults with feeding and swallowing problems as a result of conditions such as:

State-of-the-Art Therapies

Using the latest therapeutic advancements in feeding and swallowing therapy, UH Cleveland Medical Center speech therapists help patients relearn how to swallow safely following a serious illness or injury. Recommendations may include modifying the texture and thickness of a patients’ food, proper posture/positioning, and other strategies to ensure safe swallowing. Follow-up treatment focuses on helping patients progress to the least restrictive diet.

Multifaceted, Comprehensive Approach

After the initial assessment, UH speech therapists consult with the patient’s physician to determine if a barium swallow study is necessary. This simple study lets the therapist see how the patient swallows before therapy begins. The test may be used throughout therapy to show the patient’s progress.

Other specialists may be involved in assisting adults with feeding and swallowing problems, including pulmonologists, gastroenterologists and nutritionists.

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