Breast Enhancement

Center for Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction Provides a Renowned Surgical Team for Breast Augmentation

Renowned surgeons specialize in the latest surgical advancements in breast enhancement at the Center for Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Department of Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Breast enhancement is a surgical cosmetic procedure used to enhance and enlarge a woman's breasts with the use of breast implants. Both saline and Silicone gel implants (including cohesive shaped gel implants) are used most commonly for breast enhancement.

Breast Enhancement Improves Body Contour

The best candidates for breast enhancement are women who believe their breast size is too small and want to enhance their body contour.

Cosmetic breast enhancement can help a woman feel more self-confident about her body image. In addition, breast enhancement can correct slightly sagging breasts or breasts that have lost volume because of pregnancy.

Patient History and Examination

At the Center for Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction, a breast enhancement consultation starts with a thorough discussion of the patient's expectations and concerns. Our experts perform an examination and evaluation of the patient’s breasts. The patient’s history and family history regarding breast cancer is reviewed.

The available surgical options, including a description of various procedures, are discussed at this time. The surgeon will explain the limitations, risks and results of breast augmentation surgery.

In addition, the types and shapes of the available breast implants are explained. Today, breast implants used for breast augmentation are salt-water (saline) or Silicone gel filled.

Patients must be aware of the potential risks associated with breast augmentation surgery. These risks are reviewed with the patient at the consultation. Certain groups of patients may require a mammogram before undergoing breast augmentation.

Performing Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation is performed as an outpatient procedure at University Hospitals. General anesthesia is usually used. Our highly skilled surgeons routinely discuss each patient’s individual case with colleagues to provide the most successful outcome.

Most patients can go back to work and activities with one week after breast enhancement surgery at the Center for Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction at UH. They may need to wear a support bra and limit physical activity until they are released by their surgeon.

Further procedures such as breast lift or implant replacement may be necessary in the years after breast enhancement.

Goals of Breast Enhancement

At the Center of Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction, the surgeons’ goal is to create natural appearing, fuller breasts.

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