Body Contouring & Reconstruction

Center for Body Contouring & Reconstruction Provides the Latest Options for Improving Appearance

At the Center for Body Contouring & Reconstruction at University Hospitals Department of Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio, patients are provided with the most advanced surgical options for fat reduction or the removal of excess skin.

Safe and Effective Body Contouring

Body contouring is a combination of surgical procedures that safely and effectively help a patient improve his or her appearance. Plastic surgeons at University Hospitals Center for Body Contouring & Reconstruction offer compassion, understanding and experience in all types of body contouring for skin tightening or removal of excess fatty tissue.

Bariatric Surgery, Weight Loss and Sagging Skin

Whether for health reasons or appearance, millions of men and women successfully lose weight each year. University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute has successfully helped many of our patients lose significant weight through the Bariatric Surgery, Metabolic & Nutrition Center

Yet sometimes with substantial weight loss through restrictive dieting or bariatric surgery, it is difficult for the skin and tissue to adapt to the new, slimmer body size.

Over time, weight reduction may result in:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Excessive amounts of skin hanging from under the arms or legs
  • Abdominal skin hanging around the sides and the lower back

The expert surgeons at the Center for Body Contouring & Reconstruction specialize in performing a variety of targeted procedures to remove or tighten excess and sagging skin in different areas of the body.

Individualized Surgical Plan

When a patient comes to University Hospitals, he or she is evaluated by one of our highly skilled plastic surgeons, who will consider specific medical and cosmetic needs in order to create an individualized surgical plan.

Each of the procedures used at the Center for Body Contouring & Reconstruction are accomplished using the latest surgical advancements. No matter which procedure the patient selects, UH plastic surgeons are committed to achieving optimum results.

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