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The Department of Plastic Surgery Provides Residents with Vast Exposure to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries

At University Hospitals’ Department of Plastic Surgery, our fellowship-trained surgeons – each with narrow area of focus – train residents in a wide range of plastic and reconstructive surgical areas with profound depth of knowledge and expertise.

Learning the Art and Science of Plastic Surgery

The University Hospitals plastic surgery residency program is structured to educate and train residents in both the art and science of plastic surgery as they gain hands-on experience in a graduated and progressive manner.

Our residents learn the specialty of plastic surgery, including the resection, repair, replacement, reconstruction and restoration of form and function of the integumentary system (skin, hair and nails) and its underlying anatomic systems.

In addition, residents in the Department of Plastic Surgery master the craniofacial structures, the oropharynx, the trunk, the upper/lower extremities, the breast and the perineum. Our residents also learn about migraine surgery pioneered by the faculty of our program.

Broad Exposure to Cosmetic Surgery

The UH learning experience for residents includes broad exposure to aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery of all structures. In-depth knowledge and skill in the design and transfer of flaps, transplantation of tissues and replantation of structures is developed.

Resident training also includes gaining skill in excisional surgery, management of complex wounds and the use of alloplastic materials.

Patient Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment

The resident’s acquired experience is a combination of initial patient evaluation in an office and clinical setting, including participation in the discussion of the diagnosis, treatment plans, alternatives and risks.

Preoperative detailed assessment as to suitability and preparation for surgery is an integral part of the education.

Residents in the Department of Plastic Surgery at UH also participate in follow-up care and learn about the outcomes of surgery.

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