Orthopaedic Research Facilities


SkyScan 1172 ex vivo μCT.

Technical assistance / training must be scheduled in advance with either:

Bryan Hausman, MS

Becky Moore, MS

For additional information, contact either:

Ozan Akkus, PhD
Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Ed Greenfield, PhD
Dept of Orthopaedics

Hard Tissue Histology

Ed M. Greenfield, Ph.D., Director


Teresa Pizzuto
Specialist I

This Histology Facility is fully capable of preparing various research specimens for histological examination. The lab is equipped for standard paraffin processing, sectioning and staining as well as plastic preparation of orthopaedic research specimens with metal implants. Routine stains include H&E, Safranin O- Fast Green, Toluidine Blue O, Von Kossa and Goldners Trichrome. Facilities also include a table-top X-ray machine (Faxitron).

For best results, please call to discuss the histology specifics before harvesting or submitting samples. Also, each time samples are submitted, please have the Orthopaedic Histology Request Form included.

Teresa Pizzuto
Wearn 519

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