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Experts at the Foot and Ankle Division Provide Skilled, Effective Care

Patients can expect better outcomes when they receive care from a team of foot and ankle specialists with the most advanced training in the field. From developmental problems to traumatic injuries, our team uses the most effective, carefully selected treatments.

We often use minimally invasive methods such as arthroscopy or laparoscopy to reduce blood loss, scarring, anesthesia use and recovery time. Our ongoing clinical research efforts ensure that surgeons are using the most up-to-date, proven techniques and equipment.

Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

The specialists in the Foot and Ankle Division are subspecialty trained to care for all aspects of foot and ankle problems, whether related to bone, joint, tendon, ligament or cartilage.

Treatments and services we provide include:

  • Joint care and replacement: The Foot and Ankle Division helped pioneer biologic procedures to restore joints and prevent the need for fusion or replacement. When necessary, we offer joint fusion, either by minimally invasive arthroscopy or by open incision, depending on the circumstances. For conditions such as bursitis, fasciitis, inflammatory arthritis, neuromas or tendonitis, we offer joint injections to ease pain and inflammation. When conditions warrant, we replace joints using the most state-of-the-art equipment and minimally invasive methods.
  • Solutions for diabetes-related problems: Patients with diabetes often face complex foot issues and our experts strive to help patients return to a high quality of life. We also offer treatments for Charcot joint, foot ulcers and deformities.
  • Traumatic injury repair: Traumatic injuries require quick, highly detailed care to allow proper and efficient healing. We treat traumatic injuries such as fractures, sprains and strains using the methods most advantageous to a full recovery.
  • Correction of deformities: Deformities such as bunions or hammer toes, whether congenital or the result of a lifetime of wear and tear, can be effectively treated via appropriate reconstructive surgery.
  • Ligament and tendon repair for sprains, strains and breaks: Tendons and ligaments hold the bones of the foot and ankle in place and enable them to move. Regardless of the cause of injury, our experts tailor treatment to its severity. From simple bracing to complete reconstruction, our specialists can provide treatment for even the most serious of problems.
  • Repair of cartilage injuries: Cartilage injuries, often caused by sports and excessive physical activity, can cause mobility issues and incredible pain. With procedures such as microfracture and cartilage resurfacing or replacement, we use specialized techniques to reduce pain and recovery time.

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