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As a Department of Dermatology, we have a unique duty to unrelentingly work for the benefit of present and future patients with abnormalities and diseases of the skin. This requires a long term commitment by each member of the department to engage in a cohesive team effort at building the patient care services, teaching programs, and skin research that are all critical for the long-term benefit of patients with skin disease.

The complexity of attaining success in such an enterprise makes us proud to be a stimulating department with a tradition of high standards of team excellence in patient-centered care, teaching and research. Generating exciting new concepts for therapy through skin research, bringing these to our patients and educating physicians in their use will hopefully result in a better life for patients with skin disorders both now and in the future.


Patients with skin disorders can schedule appointments through the dermatology resident clinics based at each hospital. In addition, affiliation agreements allow our departmental full-time faculty instructors and professors who are also board-certified dermatologists to see patients through their hospital-sponsored dermatology practice. The department provides a comprehensive spectrum of dermatologic laboratory services to the community. These include a complete dermatopathology service, immunoperoxidase for cellular pheno-typing, immunofluorescence testing for autoimmune disease, mycologic culture and susceptibility, porphyrin testing, and molecular diagnostic testing for T cell clonality, melanoma antigens, and certain viral sequences.

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