Obstetrics Anesthesiology Fellowship

The fellowship in obstetrical anesthesia is a program in the Division of Obstetrical Anesthesia in the Department of Anesthesiology at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. The directors of the Division of Obstetrical Anesthesia are Susan Dumas, MD and Evan Goodman, MD, and the chair of the Department of Anesthesiology is James Rowbottom, MD. Our fax number is 216-844-3780, and our email addresses are as follows:

Obstetrical Anesthesia Application:

The goals of the fellowship in obstetrical anesthesia are threefold:

  1. To provide intense training in all aspects of anesthesia care for labor and delivery, including high-risk pregnancies, teen and the older pregnancies, multiple birth pregnancies, and anesthesia for infertility procedures.
  2. To be involved in obstetrical anesthesia research, with the goal to present the results at the annual meeting of the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology.
  3. To be involved in the teaching of those just beginning their experience in obstetrical anesthesia. Teaching responsibilities include supervising and guiding the first year anesthesia residents and the anesthesia assistant students. Fellows are also expected to lecture to these beginning clinicians as we give them a cycle of ten lectures each month.

The fellowship takes place on the campus of UH Cleveland Medical Center. Our Labor and Delivery Unit delivers approximately 4500 women each year. We are involved with many high-risk deliveries, and we are backed up by a neonatal intensive care unit, located close to the labor and delivery area. The high-risk clinic sees women with disorders ranging from severe preecplampsia to a myriad of cardiac and neurologic abnormalities. Some of our patients have interesting concerns because of their young age or their drug abuse. We also have an active infertility service, whose work generates many more multiple birth pregnancies than we would otherwise have.

As anesthesia providers, we are involved in the care of a majority of patients who come to Labor and Delivery. Most procedures require the participation of the anesthesia team and approximately 80 percent of laboring patients elect to have epidural analgesia.

An obstetric anesthesia fellow in our program benefits from the input and teaching from many different attending anesthesiologists. Members of our group who frequent the Labor and Delivery floor, besides Drs. Dumas and Goodman, include Michael Altose, MD, Katya Chiong, MD, Barbara Dabb, MD, Carl Forrest, MD, Jeffrey Grass, MD, Adam Haas, MD, Lora Levin, MD, Agnes Lina, MD, Peter Matgouranis, MD, Girish Mulgaokar, MD, Elliot Ro, MD, and David Wallace, MD.

The obstetrical anesthesia fellow will participate in patient care as part of the anesthesia team on Labor and Delivery. He or she will also take 24 hour calls each month and have the following day off.

In three-month intervals, the fellow’s progress will be assessed at the Obstetric Anesthesia Task Force meeting. Suggestions for change and recommendations for improvement will entertained at that time.

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