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Education is a continuing process. The study of anesthesiology provides a dynamic avenue of acquiring skill and knowledge. Throughout our training, we continually evaluate patients, prioritize their immediate medical problems in the context of their underlying conditions, and formulate anesthetic plans to enable them to safely proceed with whatever procedure awaits them. Unlike some anesthesia training programs, where residents must rotate to other institutions to receive specialty training in obstetrics, pediatrics and cardiac anesthesia, the training program at University Hospitals of Cleveland provides intense exposure to these specialties. Moreover, as a major tertiary referral center, the institution receives transfers of many interesting and professionally challenging cases for evaluation and care. This truly enhances our educational experience.

Additionally, there is a collegial working relationship between the attending anesthesiologists and residents. As residents, we are junior colleagues in formulating plans and rendering patient care. Our input is expected and welcomed.

Anesthesiology Medical Students

Medical students rotating in the UH Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine gain a wide array of experiences ranging from fundamental technical skills to attending conferences with anesthesiology residents. The medical student elective is an excellent opportunity to get to know department faculty and strengthen your fundamental anesthesia clinical skills.

Recommend reading includes:
Basics of Anesthesia 5th Edition by Robert K. Stoelting & Ronald D. Miller (“Baby Miller”)

For questions regarding the medical student rotation, please contact:

Christina Stachur, MD
Clinical Instructor
Director, Medical Student Education

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