Center for Lifelong Health

Center for Lifelong Health Provides Specialized Care and Targeted Programs for Area’s Senior Population

Across the country, population growth is flat, but the number of older adults is rapidly growing. In fact, in the next 30 years, the number of citizens 85 and older will double to 8.5 million and the northeast Ohio senior population with increase from 15 percent to 20 percent of the total population by 2020.

Our goal at University Hospitals Bedford Medical Center’s Center, a Campus of UH Regional Hospitals, is to provide the specialized clinical services, preventive care, and opportunities for social engagement that will keep seniors active, healthy and happy. At our Center for Lifelong Health, promoting successful aging is our mission.

What is the Center for Lifelong Health?

We all begin the aging process from the moment we are born, and to do so successfully requires a lifelong commitment to wellness. By the age of 50, most people begin to experience some of the aches and pains associated with getting older and will typically begin to seek out medical guidance more frequently and consistently.

The Center for Lifelong Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to engaging and caring for these individuals and their families or caregivers. Health maintenance, disease prevention and the management of chronic conditions are the cornerstones of our program.

Our Services

We offer many specialized services specifically tailored to the senior population. These services include:

  • Senior ER: The first of its kind in the area, our Senior ER has specially trained doctors and nurses who provide compassionate care in a setting that is warmer and less stressful for patients and their families.
  • Palliative care and hospice services: These programs are designed to relieve pain, symptoms, and stress for patients and families, either in combination with curative treatment, or as part of end-of-life care for the terminally ill.
  • Diabetes Center: Diabetes patients will benefit from the multidisciplinary team of expert clinicians, educations classes and support groups available through our Diabetes Center.
  • Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine: Our Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center provides award-winning care for patients with non-healing wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, radiation injuries and surgical wounds.
  • Access to specialized care: UH Bedford Medical Center offers expert digestive health, heart and vascular, orthopaedic, and urologic care for patients of all ages.
  • Age Well Be Well membership club: Our membership club is free to join and provides participants with access to social events, local travel, holiday gatherings and special interest groups.

Highly Trained Staff and Specialized Programs

Each one of our physicians, nurses and nonclinical staff members have received specialized training in the care of older adults. Our understanding of the senior patient and their often complex medical and emotional needs makes our hospital the place for compassionate care of seniors and their families.

In addition, our facility:

  • Holds a NICHE Designation Stage III (Nurses Improving Care of Healthsystem Elders)
  • Is an accredited Chest Pain Center
  • Is a certified Primary Stroke Center

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For more information about the Center for Lifelong Health or any of its services, please call 440-735-4200.

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