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Enhanced Surgical Services Available at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center

UH Ahuja Medical Center is among the newest and most technologically advanced hospitals in Ohio. The operating rooms and other patient care areas were created using evidence-based design elements to provide the safest and most efficient spaces for patients to receive surgical care. A coordinated team of renowned experts works in a peaceful, healing environment to provide each individual with an exceptional patient experience.

Commitment to Minimally Invasive Surgery

UH Ahuja Medical Center surgeons are experts in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Our physicians continue to pioneer new and improved surgical methods that focus on enhancing patient care and reducing the impact of surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery involves using special instruments such as tiny video cameras and scopes that fit inside the body. With these instruments, surgeons are able to operate from the inside without making large incisions. Minimally invasive procedures offer patients more treatment options for certain conditions, involve less trauma and have a lower risk of complications. The use of smaller incisions results in a faster recovery, less pain and less blood loss.

Our experienced surgeons have a solid record of successful surgical results. They work together to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient with the goal of getting him or her back to daily activity as quickly as possible. UH Ahuja Medical Center offers direct access to the same multidisciplinary team of specialists, leading-edge technology and full range of medical resources available at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.

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