Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology

Accurate, Convenient Radiology Services at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center

Radiology services at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center include advanced digital imaging technology, convenient scheduling, fast and accurate exams and expert physician care.

Using advanced imaging, our radiologists can see more detail than ever before. This level of sophistication provides data that enables the care team to diagnose diseases more easily. The result is enhanced care and improved patient outcomes.

The state-of-the-art equipment we use also reduces the time it takes to gather a patient’s information. Our technologists complete exams quickly and deliver results to individuals in a much more efficient manner.

Leading-Edge Technologies

Radiology services and technologies at UH Ahuja Medical Center include:

  • Philips magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology that provides increased image clarity for better accuracy
  • Faster computed tomography (CT) scan technology that provides 3D images and can scan the heart in one beat
  • Separate area for mammography
  • Three digital radiography units
  • Nuclear medicine equipment that generates detailed, cross-sectional images
  • Two fluoroscopy rooms equipped to provide real-time, moving X-ray images
  • Three ultrasound units
  • Three portable X-ray units

Electronic Records for Accuracy and Speed

UH Ahuja Medical Center staff electronically archives all exams on a central computer. This enables other physicians to quickly access results at any time. It also ensures that the radiologist with the most experience in a particular specialty can review an exam performed by another doctor.

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