Wish List

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The Child Life Department eagerly accepts donations of new toys, games and other items. Double asterisks (**) indicate higher-need items. Please remember: due to our infection control policies and for the safety of all our patients, all items must be brand-new/ never-used items. Please call the Child Life Team at 216-593-1508 if you have any questions regarding this wish list.

Infant / Toddler

  • Toys with light/sounds/music and/or movement**
  • VTech toys of all sorts**
  • Rattles with sounds and/or lights
  • Sippy Cups
  • CD boomboxes**
  • Lullaby CDs**
  • Disposable cameras
  • Wooden-handled puzzles
  • Board books
  • Exersaucers
  • Inexpensive rattles**
  • Small acrylic mirrors
  • All kinds of infant toys (e.g., sorting rings, telephones, pop up)
  • Infant clothes/hats
  • Vibrating/bouncy infant seats**
  • Blank journals**


  • 24-piece puzzles
  • Fisher Price Little People
  • Barbie dolls and Barbie accessories
  • Electronic educational toys**
  • DVD videos rated G
  • Books with push buttons that make noise/sounds/music
  • Sing-a-long CDs
  • Dolls for boys and girls (culturally and racially diverse)
  • Matchbox size cars
  • Trucks (sturdy, all kinds)
  • Little People furniture/house/farm/animals
  • Fisher Price Doctor's Kits**
  • Magna Doodle
  • CD Boomboxes**
  • Disposable cameras

School Age

  • Markers (all kinds: regular, stamp, glitter, etc)
  • School glue in bulk
  • Mad Lib books
  • All board games (e.g., Guess Who, Connect 4, Trouble)
  • Yahtzee, Sorry, etc
  • I Spy books
  • Push button watergames by Tomy (available at Play Matters)
  • Uno, Skip Bo, and other playing cards
  • Small flashlights
  • Non-latex squeeze/squish balls (available at Toys 'R Us)
  • CD Boomboxes**
  • DVD videos rated G and PG
  • Gameboys and game cartridges**
  • T-shirts/underwear


  • Gift cards** to: Best Buy, music chain stores, movies, book stores, fast food chains, Toys ‘R Us, Target, Bath & Body
  • All size pajama pants
  • CD walkmans (portable with headphones)**
  • Music CDs**
  • Gameboys and game cartridges**
  • Crossword puzzle/seek and find books
  • CD Boomboxes**
  • Blank journals**
  • DVD videos, rated PG/PG13
  • "Water weenie"**: plastic tube filled with gel available at Toys ‘R Us
  • Disposable cameras
  • Sports jerseys/caps
  • 100-, 250- and 500-piece puzzles
  • Posters

Miscellaneous Items

  • AA/AAA, C, D, 9-Volt, and 1.5-Volt batteries
  • Small pinwheels
  • Coloring books/crayons, markers of all kinds
  • Stickers (regular, seasonal, small, large)
  • White butcher block paper on a large roll
  • Construction paper, crayons, glue, scissors, markers
  • Bubbles (wedding favor-sized bottles)**
  • Laptop computers w/ programs/games for kids
  • Digital cameras and photo paper for printing
  • Beanie Babies (brand new with tags attached)
  • Chapstick/Lip Smackers
  • MP3 players and headphones
  • Model Magic (white molding clay found at craft stores)
  • Latex-free child Band-Aids
  • Blank hardbound journals**
  • CD Boomboxes**
  • Disposable cameras
  • Calling cards (60 minutes)**
  • Relaxation CDs
  • Johnson & Johnson Nighttime Lotion
  • Johnson & Johnson Regular Baby Lotion
  • Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner

Please note: ** denotes items that we are in the most need of all of the time. Thank you.

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