Healthy Transportation

PEDALING, WALKING and RIDING our way to a Healthier UH

Kathy Lynch

Meet Kathy, an exercise physiologist in UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute. Kathy is an active bike rider who takes every opportunity to commute to work as a way to exercise and engage with others in her community. She also participates in the UH Transportation Working Group, a multidisciplinary committee reflecting employees, patients and other stakeholders that meets quarterly to discuss opportunities, ideas and goals related to healthier modes of transportation.

UH encourages walking, biking, taking public transit and carpooling among employees because these modes of transportation improve individual, public and environmental health through increased exercise as well as decreased air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Healthy transportation efforts have often focused on UH Case Medical Center due to the urban density of its location in University Circle and multiple opportunities to leverage partnership building in the surrounding neighborhoods and business district.

Key 2015 initiatives

  • Moving Greater University Circle Working Group – plan to improve all modes of transportation
  • Prioritization of Patient Parking – simplified visitor and patient parking for ease of access
  • University Circle “Walkable Destinations” Fair – local businesses connect with employees
  • National Bike Challenge – employees earn discounts off health insurance premium for biking

Transportation, Employee Engagement and Local Living

UH Employee Bike Challenge
Greater University Circle Employee Resource Group

Members of the Greater University Circle Employee Resource Group with John Carmichael, third from right, Executive Director of New Bridge, an arts and technology training center.

The NATIONAL BIKE CHALLENGE platform was used for the second year to increase bike riding as a mode of commuting and recreation among employees. One hundred and thirty-six employees actively participated in this program that culminated in over 7.5 tons of CO2 emissions avoided and $24,487.49 saved in fuel expenses.

The UH Greater University Circle Employee Resource Group encourages hospital employees to live as close to work as possible through the Greater Circle Living Initiative, which provides financial incentives to live near UH Case Medical Center in a walkable community.

2015 Progress Report on Sustainability

2015 Progress Report on Sustainability

View the online report or download the summary. You can also view our archived progress reports here.

13 Environmental Excellence awards

UH earned 13 Environmental Excellence awards from Practice Greenhealth, including the prestigious System for Change award. The awards recognize our health system’s achievements in environmental-sustainability programs and improvements during 2015.

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