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Creating a Healthful Living Space

Anna and Mike Cifranic

Anna and Mike Cifranic

Many people say they want to live more healthfully. Two UH employees are taking powerful actions to do just that. When you walk into the Eastside suburban backyard of Anna and Mike Cifranic, it opens a world of possibilities for anyone looking to create a healthful living space: in the backyard, chickens peck at the lush grass, vegetable and herb plants tower from a kitchen garden, bees from the backyard hive are busy at work in the garden and, not far beyond, a small greenhouse, fruit trees and climbing tomatoes march down the rest of the yard, nourished by rain water and fertilized through home “grown” compost.

There is a growing life cycle occurring here and each step is carefully laid out to support the next. The Cifranics do not live in the country, where such an undertaking might be the norm. Rather, their home sits across from a sprawling and aging mall along a busy stretch of road – a location that may not seem likely to house such a complex mini ecosystem.

Honeybee hive

In December 2015, Anna, an analyst at UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, and Mike, a clinical nurse at UH Seidman Cancer Center, both co-chairs of the UH Case Medical Center Green Team, were recognized as “Green Health Heroes” by the Greening UH Sustainability team. This honor is for their inspiring dedication to environmental stewardship in their daily work and their leadership among UH peers.

Vegetable HarvestThe Cifranics' Nursery

2015 Progress Report on Sustainability

2015 Progress Report on Sustainability

View the online report or download the summary. You can also view our archived progress reports here.

13 Environmental Excellence awards

UH earned 13 Environmental Excellence awards from Practice Greenhealth, including the prestigious System for Change award. The awards recognize our health system’s achievements in environmental-sustainability programs and improvements during 2015.

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