Green Cleaning

Green Seal CertifiedGreening UH, Certified EcoLogoBy implementing green cleaning practices, we improve our buildings’ indoor air quality, create a safer environment for our staff and patients, and maintain superior standards for cleaning and disinfection.

In 2013, we were able to leverage our commitment to the Healthier Hospitals Initiative in negotiating performance expectations with our Environmental Services (EVS) business partner related to improving and documenting green cleaning practices. We aim to drastically increase green cleaner purchases so that the majority of our general cleaning products (90 percent) have obtained Green Seal or Eco Logo certification, in line with our commitment to the Healthier Hospitals Initiative. Our EVS team also continues to use microfiber mops and steam cleaning systems to great success in order to reduce the overall volume of chemicals and water used for cleaning. Additionally, University Hospitals Case Medical Center is piloting the use of a machine that disinfects using ultraviolet light, further reducing the need for caustic chemicals.

The pie graphs below represent our spend relative to cleaning chemicals in the categories of all-purpose, window, bathroom and carpet, as well as our total spend on all cleaning products from our major supplier. Anecdotally, the GreenSeal cleaners are preferred by staff over the conventional cleaners, and in some cases they are also less expensive. Furthermore, we are exploring best practices nationwide to evaluate effective disinfectant alternatives to bleach, with the aim to pilot a bleach alternative in 2014.

Green Cleaning Report

Green Seal Cleaning Products

15 Environmental Excellence awards

UH received 15 Environmental Excellence awards from Practice Greenhealth, including the prestigious System for Change award, for our systemwide achievements in sustainability in 2013.