Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

While we have successfully diverted construction and demolition (C&D) waste from landfill in several projects, we have encountered barriers to comprehensively reporting C&D waste data across our system. We have been challenged in coordinating data from various vendors and contractors, but we have made steps in 2013 toward organizing systemwide internal tracking. We have worked with our tracking software business partner to create a simple template to be completed by our vendors handling C&D debris for every project of significance, which will allow for simpler back-end data import to create reports. Our new Sustainable Construction, Renovation and Maintenance policy, developed in 2013 also contains reporting requirements for new construction and major renovations:

“ Recycle and/or salvage at least 80 percent of nonhazardous construction, remodeling and demolition debris.”

Successful C&D debris recycling projects:

  • University Hospitals Case Medical Center demolished and replaced a large, aging employee parking garage on its campus. Construction will be completed in 2014, and over 90 percent of the concrete from the existing structure was used as infill for the new garage construction.
  • Our joint-venture hospital, St. John Medical Center, also underwent construction of a patient services and surgery addition seeking LEED Certification. This multiyear project achieved a 91.5 percent diversion rate in 2012 for construction waste.

15 Environmental Excellence awards

UH received 15 Environmental Excellence awards from Practice Greenhealth, including the prestigious System for Change award, for our systemwide achievements in sustainability in 2013.