A Message from the Office of Sustainability

What is good for the planet is good for our patients, staff and community.

2013 was a breakout year for University Hospitals’ sustainability efforts. It was our first full year of participation in the Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI), a national quality initiative focused on improving environmental performance in six challenge areas: Less Waste, Safer Chemicals, Leaner Energy, Smarter Purchasing, Healthier Foods and Engaged Leadership. Through this work, we are quantifying our progress toward achieving key outcome measures that advance the “triple-bottom-line” of social, environmental and economic well-being. Better than ever before, we are able to define, with clarity and transparency, where we are and where we aspire to be.

Participating in the full range of HHI challenges, and achieving our ultimate goal of embedding triple-bottom-line thinking into our culture, requires engagement from a broad range of stakeholders. We would like to thank our partners from across our organization for their leadership, collaboration and dedication to advancing sustainability at UH. We are truly inspired by our colleagues and by our valued community partners.

This is the second of our annual Progress Reports on Sustainability that references standard disclosures and performance indicators from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Framework. The GRI Reporting Framework governs economic, environmental, social and governance performance, and is one of the most widely recognized Corporate Social Responsibility instruments for businesses and organizations worldwide. While this is not a fully vetted GRI report, inclusion of the GRI indicator index is intended as an educational tool for our stakeholders.

We hope that you find this 2013 Progress Report on Sustainability to be enjoyable, informative and inspiring. We welcome and appreciate your . Thank you for your interest and support. We look forward to working together as we continue to foster a healthier, more resilient and sustainable community – within our walls, in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Aparna Bole

Aparna Bole, MD
Sustainability Manager, University Hospitals
Department of Pediatrics
University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

Matthew Pietro

Matthew Pietro
Sustainability Specialist
University Hospitals

15 Environmental Excellence awards

UH received 15 Environmental Excellence awards from Practice Greenhealth, including the prestigious System for Change award, for our systemwide achievements in sustainability in 2013.