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The Fitness Center at UH Avon Health Center Announces Winner of Inaugural Wellness Challenge

Friday, September 9, 2016

Avon Lake edged Avon by a narrow margin

AVON, OH ― The Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center announced today that the city of Avon Lake is the winner of their inaugural wellness challenge. The victor claimed the win and the title of “Healthiest City” by a margin of just 16 points.

The wellness challenge began on May 21 and ended on August 13. Residents of Avon and Avon Lake were encouraged to sign up for the 12-week program and participate when the Fitness Center hosted free guest days for Avon residents on Wednesdays and for Avon Lake residents on Thursdays. A total of 181 people participated, including 89 from Avon and 92 from Avon Lake.

Points were awarded to individuals based on their participation in various health, wellness and fitness activities such as receiving a health assessment, working out at the center, joining a community walk/race or donating to a local food drive. Each point earned by an individual added to their city’s point total, which was compiled using a computer system at the facility’s front desk.

The final tally is as follows:
Avon Lake – 1,320 points
Avon – 1,304 points

An engraved plaque will be presented to Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka, which will be displayed proudly in the mayor’s office.

“The two cities were neck and neck the entire time,” said Brad Calabrese, General Manager of the Fitness Center. “We were very pleased with the participation in our inaugural wellness challenge. Out of the 181 people who took part, 143 were not members of our facility, which greatly exceeded our expectations.”

Although Avon Lake won the overall challenge, an Avon resident, Donna Tomlin, won the individual challenge with 90 points. She will take home a $300 cash prize. The second and third place individual winners were Jim Hermann (84 points – Avon Lake) and Deidrea Otts (50 points – Avon).

The Fitness Center plans to survey this year’s participants to find out how the challenge can be improved for next year, which promises to be bigger and better.

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