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Lorain County’s First-Ever Cervical Disc Replacement Performed by Surgeon from The Center for Orthopedics

Monday, November 24, 2014

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, OH – Orthopedic surgeon Robert Berkowitz, MD, recently performed Lorain County’s first cervical disc replacement utilizing the SECURE® C-Cervical Artificial Disc. The procedure took place at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center in late October.

Age, genetics, injury and every day wear and tear caused by the activities of daily life can contribute to damage and deterioration of the discs in the neck. The result can be pain that radiates toward the shoulders and arms as well as weakness or numbness and neck pain.

In the case of patient Grover Simpson of Lorain, a herniated disc caused years of arm and shoulder pain. In his job as a long-haul truck driver, sitting in the same position for extended periods of time contributed to his discomfort. Then, last April, he slipped and fell while getting out of the shower and the pain became unbearable. His pain management physician referred him to Dr. Berkowitz of The Center for Orthopedics, who recognized immediately that Mr. Simpson was an excellent candidate for a cervical disc replacement.

“Upon careful examination of Mr. Simpson’s X-rays and medical records, I could see that this technology could have an immediate, significant impact on his quality of life,” said Dr. Berkowitz. “By removing the unhealthy disc and replacing it with the SECURE® - C, we were able to preserve motion in his neck while alleviating his pain.”

According to Mr. Simpson, the pain that he had experienced for years was gone as soon as he woke up from the procedure. “That same night, I was up and walking around with no pain,” said Mr. Simpson. “Had I known that stopping the pain would be so easy, I would have had the surgery much sooner. Dr. Berkowitz gave me my life back.”

Dr. Berkowitz is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in surgery of the spine. He was chief of the department of Orthopedic Surgery and Podiatry at Andrews Air Force Base’s Malcom Grow Medical Center. He served in Operation Enduring Freedom in the Middle East, caring for many American soldiers, airmen and seamen. The Center for Orthopedics is located at 5001 Transportation Drive in Sheffield Village. For more information, please log on to www.center4orthopedics.com.

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