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University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center-Beachwood Schools community partnership initiatives benefit students before and after graduation

Friday, June 6, 2014

Include new UH-Beachwood High School Medical Academy and Sports Medicine program

Beachwood, Ohio – University Hospitals, UH Ahuja Medical Center and Beachwood Schools are collaborating to develop and sustain innovative health, wellness and education initiatives. These dynamic programs are designed to give the district’s students every advantage in order to excel in academics and athletics – while attending school in Beachwood as well as in their college careers.

Together, Beachwood Schools, UH Ahuja Medical Center and UH Corporate Health are preparing to launch a groundbreaking college preparatory curriculum this fall for freshmen and sophomores. The University Hospitals-Beachwood High School Medical Academy is a rigorous, four-year, science-based program designed to prepare high school students for careers in medicine.

The initiative represents a pioneering collaboration between a major health system and a public school system. “Some of the Academy's lessons will be delivered in a classroom setting while others can only be experienced on-site at a state-of-the-art health care institution like UH Ahuja Medical Center,” says Richard A. Markwardt, PhD, Superintendent, Beachwood Schools and creator of the Medical Academy concept. “We are grateful for the enthusiastic cooperation and support UH brings to the table; Beachwood's students will certainly benefit as a result.”

Parallel to the Medical Academy’s development, Beachwood High School also began partnering with UH Corporate Health on another program in summer 2013. At that time, a University Hospitals Certified Athletic Trainer was hired to provide professional sports medicine coverage to every Beachwood Bison team, from baseball, football and basketball to women’s lacrosse and men’s golf. “Each day I oversee all aspects of pre-game preparation,” says Julie A. Brough, AT, Head Athletic Trainer, Beachwood High School. “I also respond to on-field injuries and refer players to physicians, physical therapists and the UH Ahuja Medical Center Emergency Department as needed.”

Brough, UH Ahuja Medical Center and Beachwood Schools are now preparing for middle and high school players’ pre-participation physicals for the 2014-15 season. “With UH’s involvement and Julie’s commitment and expertise, we now have access to the best clinical resources to keep our kids healthy and get our injured players safely back in the game,” says Ryan Peters, Athletic Director, Beachwood High School. “Our goal is to build the best athletic program in the state of Ohio, and working with University Hospitals and UH Ahuja Medical Center is accelerating our advancement to that elite level.”

Beachwood Schools is also working with the hospital and UH EMS Institute to launch a CPR training program for its coaches. In addition, UH Ahuja Medical Center and Julie Brough are developing a wellness education program for students.

The Sports Medicine and Medical Academy initiatives represent an aggressive beginning for the collaboration – one that benefits all residents. “There is an exciting and proactive synergy created when our hospital and health care system work closely with Beachwood Schools,” says Susan V. Juris, President, UH Ahuja Medical Center. “Our organizations have a profound impact on the entire community beyond those we directly serve. Everyone wins when community partners work in concert with one another as we are doing.”

To receive a Beachwood Schools pre-participation physical for the upcoming school year, parents and student athletes should fill out the 2014-2015 Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Pre-participation Physical Evaluation consent form at www.e-ppe.com, then print and bring the completed form to the scheduled exam day at Beachwood High School on Friday, August 1 from 5 - 8 p.m.

For more information about the University Hospitals-Beachwood High School Sports Medicine program and Medical Academy, call UH Corporate Health at 216-488-4770.

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