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Retired Perry resident regains vision after outpatient cataract surgery at University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hospital’s UH Eye Institute enabled Terry Mullin to receive complete vision care close to home

ASHTABULA COUNTY – Terry Mullin had experienced vision difficulties in the past as a result of her multiple sclerosis. This past April, the 65-year-old retiree visited her Geneva-based optometrist because she had lost the ability to discern letters with her left eye when she tried to read. “I was told a cataract had moved and was now obscuring my vision,” says the Perry resident.

Terry was referred to Julie Belkin, MD, Medical Director, University Hospitals (UH) Eye Institute at UH Geneva Medical Center. She discovered that the nearby UH Eye Institute facility offers the resources to provide exceptional care for eye disorders, from nonsurgical treatment of common conditions to advanced surgical procedures.

Dr. Belkin, a board-certified ophthalmologist, specializes in cataract and lens implant surgery “The UH Eye Institute is comprised of a comprehensive group of subspecialists in ophthalmology so virtually every eye condition can be treated,” says Dr. Belkin. “In Ashtabula County, we work to make the cataract care experience seamless for the patient at UH Geneva Medical Center, from pre-op to post-operative care.”

Within a few days of her consultation with Dr. Belkin, Terry had outpatient cataract surgery at UH Geneva Medical Center. The next day she knew she had regained the vision in her left eye. “Watching Hawaii Five-0 on Friday evening, I covered my right eye and couldn’t believe how blue and clear the ocean water was in my left eye,” Terry says. “Obviously, I had been missing out on a lot with my vision.”

She has a cataract in her right eye as well, and plans to go back to Dr. Belkin when the time is right. “To get my vision back that fast is a very big deal,” says Terry. “I could not have asked for better treatment.”

For more information about the full range of surgical and nonsurgical vision care available at UH Eye Institute, including the ability to experience the entire process from consultation to aftercare close to home, call UH Geneva Medical Center at 440-466-1141.

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