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Center for Womens Health at UH Geauga Medical Center delivers low Cesarean Section rate

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

11.9% rate reflects physicians’ patient, diligent management of mothers’ natural labor

GEAUGA COUNTY – In the latest comparative data from the Ohio Department of Health, University Hospitals (UH) Geauga Medical Center achieved Northeast Ohio’s lowest rate of cesarean section (C-section) surgery for low-risk mothers having their first baby. “Low-risk” is defined as patients having no complications – for example, the baby was not breech, delivery was at full-term and the mother did not deliver twins or multiples.

From January 1 through December 31, 2012, only 11.9 percent of the 319 first-time, low-risk mothers had C-section deliveries at the hospital’s Center for Women’s Health. The average of the 112 Ohio hospitals rated during that 12-month period was 26.3 percent.

Research shows that many low-risk C-sections are related to early admissions and inducing labor. “Our low percentage means our obstetricians and nurses perform due diligence to achieve a normal vaginal delivery in their patients,” says Peggy Kuhar, RN, MSN, FABC, Chief Nursing Officer, UH Geauga Medical Center. “This approach is critical because C-section patients have a higher risk of blood clots, infection and complications related to surgery.”

Compared to UH Geauga Medical Center’s leading results, many hospitals in Ohio have low-risk C-section rates between 30 and 60 percent. “The mindset of our obstetricians and nurses is to utilize skill and patience in the management of laboring women,” says Natalina Andreani, MD, Division Chief, Obstetrics and Gynecology, UH Geauga Medical Center. “Avoiding a strict cutoff of the progression of a patient’s normal labor is one reason for our hospital’s leading C-section rate.” Preventing that first cesarean section also reduces risk in future pregnancies.

At the Center for Women’s Health at UH Geauga Medical Center, nurses care for patients one-on-one and physicians are often present with mothers from start to finish. This consistency in monitoring maximizes the obstetrics and maternity team’s ability to evaluate and assess the baby’s and mother’s status and well-being during labor.

“This outstanding C-section rate reflects the unparalleled expertise and success of our entire Center for Women’s Health staff,” says M. Steven Jones, President, UH Geauga Medical Center. “We are also excited that our number-one rate is further reinforced by our exceptional outcomes and patient satisfaction results.”

The most recent Ohio hospital C-section rates, including UH Geauga Medical Center’s leading percentage, are available for review and comparison by visiting www.ohiohospitalcompare.ohio.gov and searching “Pregnancy/Delivery.” “The bottom line is that the patience, experience and continuity of care practiced by nurses and obstetricians at the Center for Women’s Health work together to realize our hospital’s low cesarean delivery rate,” says Dr. Andreani.

For more information on the full range of care offered at the Center for Women’s Health at UH Geauga Medical Center, including obstetrics and maternity services, visit www.UHGeauga.org and click “Services.”

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