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UH Geauga Medical Center relieves acute and chronic pain at its new Comprehensive Pain Center

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hospital-based facility offers pain management with safe interventional treatments

GEAUGA COUNTY – When University Hospitals (UH) Geauga Medical Center opened its new Comprehensive Pain Center in January, Pauline Burnett of Middlefield was one of the first patients to see the facility’s Medical Director, Lisa A. Brown, MD. “I herniated several discs in my neck in 1987 and even though I was treated by other pain specialists, I’ve always had quite a bit of neck pain,” says Burnett, 57, who retired from a long career with the United States Postal Service. “I knew of Dr. Brown’s reputation, and after a CAT scan she told me she wanted to take things slowly instead of going right to neck surgery.”

Burnett has had no problem with neck pain since her second epidural steroid injection in August. The technique is just one of many offered by Dr. Brown, an interventional pain specialist who performs procedures to control chronic and acute pain and has additional fellowship training to prescribe medications when appropriate.

“At the Comprehensive Pain Center we provide relief for people living with pain caused by a wide variety of conditions,” says Dr. Brown. “Our safe, hospital-based techniques include epidural, cervical, lumbar and thoracic injections; neuromodulation, which is a special spine implant that teaches the nerves to change the way they fire; and an intrathecal drug delivery system that automatically delivers microdoses of medications into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord.” Dr. Brown emphasizes that the intrathecal implant is the gold standard for treating cancer pain.

The dedicated Comprehensive Pain Center at UH Geauga Medical Center is a new-state-of-the-art facility designed to help patients manage pain in every phase of life, from pain caused by arthritis and other orthopaedic conditions and injuries; to headaches, nerve damage and cancer. “The Center has three exam rooms and two suites where we perform interventions under fluoroscopic guidance, which optimizes convenience and preparation time for our patients,” says Dr. Brown. “We offer OR procedures for our more involved cases that require full anesthesia, like spine implants, neuromodulators and balloon vertebral augmentation.” In the latter procedure, Dr. Brown injects cement into a spine fracture which acts as an internal cast on the damaged vertebral body.

Physical therapy is a major component of the successful patient outcomes at the Comprehensive Pain Center. “Our goal is to keep you functional and moving, “says Dr. Brown. “Getting you into therapy, whether it’s aquatic therapy or just some light conditioning, will make you a lot happier.”

For patients like Pauline Burnett who are living with chronic pain, the Comprehensive Pain Center enables them to stay close to home to get relief. “I have full range of motion now, I can touch both hands behind my back and I have no limitations,” says Burnett. “Dr. Brown gets you in quickly and gives you courteous, knowledgeable care. She is very genuine. She talks to you like a person and that’s what I like.”

For more information about the Comprehensive Pain Center at UH Geauga Medical Center or to schedule a consultation with Lisa A. Brown, MD, call 440-285-2960.

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